产品系列 CO2 precision cutting equipment

Laser Cutting Machine

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Materials available for cutting: PET, OCA, PMMA, PET LOGO, explosion-proof film, anti-peeping film, naked eye 3D grid film, hard film, 9H film, flexible glass film, handwritten dimming film, camera lens paste, electronic paper, light guide plate, backlight source, polarizing film, cold light film, conductive film and optical film, ceramic substrate, IT plastic components, electronic insulation materials, switch film, dust-free cloth, conductive cloth, foam, leather, plastic, Carbon brazation, injection molding parts, high precision plate, printed circuit board, 3M, ABS, PC, PS, PCR, ITO, EL, NOMEX, PAPER insulation materials, plexiglass, acrylic and other non-metallic materials precision cutting.
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