US Airways Unaccompanied Minor Fees

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US Airways unaccompanied minor fees
Info Last Updated On:
June 27th, 2012
Standard Baggage Fees: 1st bag: $25
2nd bag: $35
3rd bag: $125
4th+ bag: $200 per bag
Unaccompanied Minor Fees: $100 each way
UM Ages Not Allowed: 1-4
UM Required Ages: 5-14
UM Optional Ages: 15-17
Notes: Children flying alone 5-14 years old are required to purchase US Airways unaccompanied minor service. Under 5 years old may not travel without parent/legal guardian. 5-14 years old may fly alone on nonstop flights only. Children 15-17 years old can travel on nonstop and connecting flights without US Airways assistance. Children 15-17 who require assistance may travel alone on nonstop flights only. If an unaccompanied minor is traveling on a flight operated by one of United’s Star Alliance or codeshare partners, you must contact the carrier directly for their policies. One nice benefit to United is that the first and second checked bag fees will be waived. However, if three or more bags are checked, excess baggage fees will apply.

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