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Sun Country Airlines bicycle fees
Info Last Updated On:
June 27th, 2012
Bicycle Fee: $75 one way fee and does not count as part of your checked baggage total.
Overweight Bicycle Fee: Overweight fees are waived for bicycles.
Oversize Bicycle Fee:
(L + W + H)
Oversize fees are waived for bicycles.
Max Bicycle Weight: 99 lbs.
Max Bicycle Size: -
Notes: Sun Country is one of the more straight forward airline bike fees. Your bike is going to cost $75 each way and does not count as a piece of checked baggage. Example, you have your bike and one other checked bag. The fee is $75 (bike fee) + $25 (1st checked bag). Just like all airlines, bicycles must have the handlebars fixed sideways and the pedals removed, or be placed in a cardboard container, or the pedals and the handlebars must be encased in plastic foam or similar material. A hard-case box is the best way to go.

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