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American Airlines bicycle fees
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July 20th, 2012
Bicycle Fee: If bicycle and container are greater than 62 dimensional inches and/or over 50 lbs, you will be charged $150 each way to ship your bike regardless of the number of checked bags.
Overweight Bicycle Fee: Overweight fees are waived for bicycles.
Oversize Bicycle Fee:
(L + W + H)
Oversize fees are waived for bicycles.
Max Bicycle Weight: 70 lbs.
Max Bicycle Size: 126 in.
Notes: American Airlines bicycle fee for bikes over over 62 inches (all regular sized bikes are) and/or 50+ lbs is a $150 flat rate fee each way to travel with a bike. You are not charged overweight or oversize fees, however, make sure to keep your bicycle with bike box under 70 lbs and 126 inches, otherwise your bike will not be coming with you.

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