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Spirit Airlines bicycle fees
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June 27th, 2012
Standard Baggage Fee: Purchase during check-in:
1st bag: $33
2nd bag: $40
3rd+ bag: $90

Purchase prior to check-in:
1st bag: $28
2nd bag: $35
3rd+ bag: $85
Overweight Baggage Fee: 41-50 lbs: $25.00
51-70 lbs: $50.00
71-99 lbs: $100.00.
Oversize Baggage Fee:
(L + W + H)
62-80 inches: $100
80+ inches: $150
Max Weight: 99 lbs.
Max Size: -
Carry-On Items: Purchase during check-in: $35
Purchase prior to check-in: $30
Notes: You can save money by paying for your Spirit baggage fees online before check-in. That's a nice feature, but they still nickle-and-dime you for every possible fee including a carry-on charge. You can be sure to pay multiple fees for each piece of baggage. Meaning, if your bag is overweight and oversize, you will be charged for all 3 standard, overweight and oversize fees. It is also possible that if you change planes, you may be charged for each leg for all of these fees. Spirit Airlines baggage policy is the only airline that we have seen do that.

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