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Continental Airlines bicycle fees
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June 11th, 2012
Standard Baggage Fee: 1st checked bag: $25
2nd checked bag: $35
3rd+ checked bag: $100 per bag
Overweight Baggage Fee: 50-70 lbs: $100.00 per bag
70-100 lbs: $200.00 per bag
Oversize Baggage Fee:
(L + W + H)
62-115: $100 per bag
Max Weight: 100 lbs.
Max Size: 115 in.
Carry-On Items: Free
Notes: Your first two bags are charged the standard baggage fee. Continental baggage fees get confusing when you get into the overweight and oversize categories. Here’s how it works: If your first and/or second bag are overweight, you are only charged the overweight fee and not the standard bag fee. Same rules apply for oversize baggage. However, if your first and/or second bag is overweight AND oversized, you are not charged the standard baggage fee but you are charged BOTH overweight and oversize fees.

For excess baggage, which is your 3rd+ bag, you are charged ALL applicable fees. This means if the bag is overweight and oversized, you are charged $100 (standard baggage) + $100 (50-70 lbs overweight fee) + $100 (oversize fee) for a total of $300. It is cheaper to split your overweight bag into two bags, just be sure to keep your bag count under 3.

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