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US Airline Baggage FeesWe did the legwork speaking to supervisors and higher ups to get confusing airline websites explained, the fine print spelled out, and hidden details unveiled.  Use our Airline Baggage Fee Chart to compare multiple airlines prices, (it may even help you choose who to fly with) as well as specific details of each airline. 


Airline Fees for Golf BagsGoing on a golf trip?  Find out how much it will cost to bring your golf travel bag on the airlines using our Airline Fees For Golf Bags Chart.  Most airlines charge golf bags like regular baggage, but don't take it for granted that your airline is one of them. 


Fees For Flying With A BikeWe’ve heard horror stories of people bringing their bicycles on the airlines.  Use our chart to find out what it will cost Flying With A Bike on the airlines.  Get detailed info, find out what airlines to fly with ahead of time, and stop the potential surprises of bicycle fees you never expected to pay.


Flying With Ski and Snowboard EquipmentHow often are those three mile runs in your backyard?  Going on a ski and snowboard destination trip is one of the most popular vacations to take.  Find out what it will cost Flying With Ski and Snowboard Equipment on the airlines.  Find out if you need a ski or snowbard case and if your boots get to come along for free.

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